Poverty Action Center (PAC@REDI)

The Poverty Action Center within the Regional Economic Development Institute (PAC@REDI) utilizes interdisciplinary mixed-methods approaches to help guide poverty action locally and globally. Current PAC@REDI researchers are using original survey design and econometric data analysis to answer questions at intersections surrounding poverty, inequality, education, and microfinance while paying particular attention to gender and to tools from development economics. For more information about PAC@REDI and/or to explore possible partnerships with us, please contact Professors BernasekBhattarai, or Pena.

EC492 Senior Capstone Projects Spring 2021 – Prof. Alexandra Bernasek:

COVID Housing Insecurity: Paper   Presentation

Economic Impact of COVID in Prisons: Paper  Presentation

Recent Policy Report:

Economic Mobility for Low-Income Families in Colorado: The Need for Increased Targeted Public Investment
by Dr. Anita Alves Pena and John Singleton

Recent Engagement:

PAC@REDI recently participated in CSU’s 20th Annual Diversity Symposium. Our panel highlighted initiatives surrounding gender, race/ethnicity, and international dimensions of diversity.  We extended beyond traditional economics by considering how objectives and experiences of minority populations can frame both formal modeling and our understandings of findings in diverse contexts.  Presentations drew from:

  • Dual Enrollment in Colorado: Are there Inequities in the Program?
  • Gendered Impact of COVID-19 on Workers in Colorado
  • Geographic Poverty Traps in Indonesia: Isolation, Disasters, and Vulnerable Female-Headed Households
  • Does reliable electrification reduce gender differences? Evidence from India
  • Education, Technology Gap, and Disruption caused by COVID-19 in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Nepal (work in progress)

Video Recording Summaries

Past PAC@REDI research includes:

School attendance in Nepal


Local Labor Market Inequality in the Age of Mass Incarceration – Luke Petach and Anita Alves Pena

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