External Partners

Jorgen Rasmussen

Dr. Jorgen Rasmussen is an accomplished Economist and data scientist with a rich academic and industrial background, currently serving as a Data Scientist at T-Mobile. With a Ph.D. in Economics from Colorado State University, Dr. Rasmussen has developed a strong foundation in statistical and predictive modeling, econometrics, and machine learning. During his tenure as a graduate student in Economics at Colorado State University, he led groundbreaking research regarding the economic impacts of marijuana legalization on real estate markets, demonstrating exceptional skills in data analysis, model development, and econometric methods. His expertise extends to advanced skills with statistical scripting and querying languages such as Python, Stata, and SQL, which he has employed in various research and professional roles. Dr. Rasmussen’s work at ecoATM|, Gazelle, and Woodward Inc. as a Data Scientist further honed his abilities in economic analysis and forecasting. His innovative approach to data science and economic research has made noteworthy contributions to his field, particularly in areas like supply chain strategy and revenue forecasting. Dr. Rasmussen’s academic and professional journey reflects a dedication to applying economic theory and quantitative analysis to real-world problems, making him a valuable figure in the fields of economics and data science.

Scott Shrake

AVP Strategy/ ED Entrepreneurship


Dr. Scott Shrake serves as the Assistant Vice President for Strategy in the Office of the President & Executive Director for the Institute for Entrepreneurship in the College of Business at Colorado State University. In his role as AVP Shrake helps operationalize the university Courageous Strategic Transformation with an emphasis on Impact, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. As the Executive Director of the Institute, Dr. Shrake promotes entrepreneurship, innovation, product development, and commercialization for students, faculty, and community members.

Anders Van Sandt

Assistant Professor of Agricultural and Applied Economics

Dr. Anders Van Sandt is an Assistant Professor of Regional Economics and a Community Development Extension Specialist in the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics at the University of Wyoming. Dr. Van Sandt received his Ph.D. in 2018 from Colorado State University in Agricultural and Resource Economics and worked for two years as a postdoctoral scholar at Texas A&M. His current Extension and research efforts revolve around promoting rural economic development by exploring rural-urban linkages, entrepreneurship, access to healthcare, and interdependencies between local industries. Though an early career member, Dr. Van Sandt has been awarded a USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture grant and has published numerous academic and Extension articles in outlets such as Health Economics, Tourism Economics, and the Journal of Regional Science, among others.

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